this too shall pass

I’ve finally said goodbye to David in my devotions, and as always, his life has spoken volumes to me.

He’s on his deathbed and I can see him so clearly, only a shell of the handsome, ruddy young man he once was. I imagine his vision clouded over, wrinkley skin like leather from years of living in the wilderness, muscles screaming in pain from the results of hundreds of b attles. Every breath is a chore. He calls for his wife. And in the midst of his final commands, he says something in which my eyes stopped instantly and rested on.

“…the God who delivered me from every kind of trouble…”

This from the guy who went head-to-head with a giant nearly twice his size with murder in his eyes?
This from the young man who was nearly killed by a lion protecting his sheep?

Is this the same guy who ran for years from a king who was determined to kill him and wipe away his memory from the earth?
This from the man who was forced to sleep in caves and tents for hundreds of nights?
Is this the one whose father-in-law gave his first wife away to another man?
This from the man who committed adultery?
Is this the same man who got another man’s wife pregant?
This from the man whose baby died?
From the same man whose daughter was raped…by her brother?
This from a man whose son would later kill that brother?
This coming from a man who nearly lost his Kingdom to his own child?
Is this the one whose rebellious son betrayed him and was later killed?
This from a man with so much blood on his hands that God would not allow him to build the temple?

If anyone knew that life wasn’t easy – it was David. He knew what it was like to lay awake at night, heart beating out of his chest, jumping at every noise. He knew what it meant to feel guilt and deep conviction. He knew solitutde and lonliness and he knew fame and abundance. Countless nights he cried himself to sleep, asking God “what if“. Yet, before his body decays, he sums it all up by proclaiming that God had DELIVERED him…from it all.

This too shall pass. Today, I am reminded of something so simple…God is good Jen. He will get me through every problem of today. Every worry, fear, doubt. And one day, near the end, I too will tell that God delivered me and He is…so good.

One thought on “this too shall pass

  1. >I am inspried and encouraged by this devotional Jen! I love that David is speaking volumes to all of us through his words and his life!May today be a great day!-Jess

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