what you lost

 The Lord says, “I will give you back what you lost…” Joel 2:25

I woke up this morning with a strange feeling ; peace. The sun is (finally) shining through my window and God’s grace is shining in my life. Five years ago today, I was preparing to array myself in a beautiful white dress, hair in curls, ears flanked in simple jewels. My entire life was all figured out. The wedding was perfect and I walked down that aisle pledging my heart and soul to God and to that man. 
Five years later, my life is not as I would have pictured it. My “world” came crashing down seven months ago. I woke up today, alone… BUT, do you know what the beautiful part is? I have peace in my soul and a song in my heart! Why? Because I serve a God who is so much bigger than my problems. He is so much stronger than my weaknesses and sin. He promised before that He would restore what was lost, and I know He is shouting that to me today. 
He has already started picking up the debris from my shattered heart and He is putting it back together again. He is making a beautiful masterpiece. Beauty for ashes.Today, I live in darkness of the unknown, but there is a very big God who has lit up my darkness. What I lost, will be, IS being, restored and it will be deeper and stronger than it ever was before. What I lost, will be renewed. Because that is the God I serve. When all seems lost…He is still there. I believe He delights in sweeping in when all hope is lost, so He can prove that miracles can still happen. Anyway, that’s the God I serve. How about you?

2 thoughts on “what you lost

  1. >I went through a similar experience five years ago. It's so incredibly painful at first! Then, after some time passes, you become SO THANKFUL that God saved you! He has wonderful things planned for you!! 🙂

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