what love really means

1 Corinthians 13:7 “…love always hopes…”
I’ve obviously been through a lot this year – more than any 25 year-old girl should have to go through, and therefore, I have every “right” to give up on love; and yet, I am still a hopeless romantic! I believe in love so much more now than I ever did before. Movies like Romeo and Juliet, The Notebook, and Serendipity – Oh gosh, like all girls, I love that stuff and eat it up!
Below is a video that I think demonstrates love more than anything I’ve seen before. To me love is so much more than a feeling, but love is a commitment – it’s about sacrifice. The video is narrated by a man named Robertson McQuilkin. Robertson was the president of Columbia International University, a well-known theologian, a speaker in high demand and an author. At the very height of his ministry, he resigned to the chagrin of many. He left to take care of his wife, Muriel, who had been battling Alzheimer’s Disease. This video is Robertson’s resignation speech and it’s touching.
I can remember the countless times my mom has played this at FFC for various marriage retreats and I literally cry everytime I watch it. I heard it again while listening to Holly Furtick’s message from the Elevation Church podcast from their service this past Sunday: 

My mom is one of my greatest role models and when I was twelve years old she challenged me to created a “Top Ten List” of the ten qualities I was looking for in my future spouse. She advised me not to settle for less. (I can’t wait to do this with my future daughter!) Well, I can tell you that after everything I’ve endured, my “Top Ten” list has changed quite a bit. With age and hardship comes maturity. But, I haven’t given up and without a doubt, my future husband posseses these ten qualities:
Okay – I’ll admit it. I cheated a bit. My list actually has fifteen things. Ha!
What’s on your Top Ten List?

2 thoughts on “what love really means

  1. >LOVE: Is when another person's needs have consistently become more important than your own.. The test for knowing if you are "IN LOVE" is in knowing how to discover if this is true for BOTH people involved. ~K. P. Jarrett

  2. >I had never heard of Robert McQuilkin or seen this video. How touching and what a beautiful example of how God intended love to be.I love your list, Jen. You deserve all of those things. Praying for God to bring that man to you in His perfect timing.

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