before we were…engaged.

My fiance wrote this poem in college. It’s about the first time we held hands as teenagers. Eat your hearts out ladies.

Pinky Scout

A theater packed like a brand new crayon box,

Opportunity so perfect,

As if my pulse was volcanic, my body heat rises,

Envisions of a future together.

Movie reels expose each frame,

My heart pounding inside my cage.

The Pinky Scout starts his adventure,

Sliding his way towards your grasp.

Sweat fills my palm.

Beads drip down my forehead,

My Pinky Scout has touched down,

Grazing your soft skin.

Like an avalanche, your grip surrounds my hand.

Floating through the air,

Your smile illuminates me with each look I take.

More than anyone can realize,

Better than any love story,

More perfect than any equation,

The uniting of our fingers,

Interlocking so tight.

I love you.

Us then (as in 2004, crazy 18 year-olds)

Us now (as in SEVEN years later)

One day I will post our (very crazy) love story. I promise that it has all the standard ingredients of an (animated) Disney movie, plus a few unique spices too: love, stolen kisses, heartbreak, tears, things we should have said (I may have wrote the Taylor Swift “Speak Now” CD with my life) reconciliation, forgiveness, friendship, laughter, encouragement, more tears, butterflies, a sparkly rock on on my finger…and Jesus Christ (the greatest romance author of them all – take a seat Shakespeare).

For now…how did you fall in love?

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