my favorite posts

Below is a list of my favorite blog posts from this year. Many of them brought tears to my eyes and encouraged me to press on when I was struggling. But all 10 of them are inspirational and the writing that I love to read. Enjoy.

1. Refusing the gift of the desert road by Jon Acuff

Favorite line: “What if the desert road is a gift?”

2. A Spider In My Pants by Perry Noble

Favorite line: “As our view of Him INCREASES then our fear of man will DECREASE.”

3. Good from awful by Kate Wallace

Favorite line: “God can use whoever/whatever to accomplish His will.”

4. Dream Small bye Kyle

Favorite line: “I’m beginning to understand that life is not meant to be lived boisterously. It’s meant to be lived by doing that one thing you were put on Earth to do, and to do it well.”

5. The soft X by Jon Acuff (seriously, I love this guy)

Favorite line: “But please, I am not done. I have barely started to reveal your life to you. I am the God who satisfies your desires with good things. That is me! And when it comes to your hopes and your fears and your dreams, I know, my son, I know.”

6. Where Forgiveness Starts by Steven Furtick

Favorite line: “The person that’s really being hurt by you withholding your forgiveness isn’t the offender. It’s you.”

The ladies in my family got together for one last estrogen-fest before the wedding. ..

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