5k Fun


Last weekend, Kerrisa and I made our way to her hometown of Enterprise, Kansas. Seriously, it is the smallest town I have ever been to in my entire life. Here I had no idea that one of my best friends was from the sticks! It basically looks like this:
A whole lot of…nothin!
Saturday morning…

Me: “Kerrisa, I’m thinking we should probably eat something before the run. You know, like carbs.” 
Kerrisa: “Like DONUTS?!”
Me:”I was thinking more like toast.”

  we were on our way to the run at the glorious time of

the fact that I was even awake at this time on a weekend is straight MIRACLE people, not to mention it was

We battled the elements of boisterous wind, almost-freezing temperatures, aggressive passerby’s, and untied shoelaces in our 5k run. (Okay, the almost freezing tempertatures may have been a bit of a stretch. But it definitely was cold!) Finishing with a time of:
And you should know that it took me at least two second to hit the “stop” button. Not bad for a bunch of girls 🙂
Next up —> The “Night Flight 5k” in Lees Summit. Then we shall try our luck at the 10k and (gulp) a half marathon??? I am not a runner, but I have really enjoyed this new hobby in my life. Especially on those crazy stressful days. It’s a great way to clear the head!
Do you have any good training plans for a half marathon?
P.s. I have a new blog http://www.jenileenicole.com/ – I will switch over soon!

One thought on “5k Fun

  1. >I have all sorts of training plans for a half marathon… i'm a half marathon nut. let me know when you plan on training for one (the date of the half)- and i can send you something! hope all is well with you and your crew! congrats on your new hobby!! be careful– it's seriously addictive!!–Lana

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