twenty-six reasons

In honor of the 26th birthday of the man I love, I give you the “26 reasons” why I love him.

26. Because he drives slower than my grandpa.  Despite my constant complaining…it’s really kinda cute.

25.  Because there truly is no sexier man drenched in sweat while clad in a flat-billed hat, cleats, and a mouthful of sunflower seeds. Though it’s always an automatic out, he consistently hits home runs in our Sunday night co-ed league. And there I sit, pretending not to be the swooning girl that I really am.

24. Because in those co-ed games, no matter how many times I drop the ball when he throws it to me, he always blames it on his throw.

23. Because he possess the most beautiful, pearly white, day-changing smile.

22. Because I have never, EVER opened my car door.

21. Because he too appreciates Diet Coke.

20. Because my man is fiercely loyal. Case in point: no matter how royally bad the Royals suck, they will remain his favorite team.

19. Because I trust him.

18. Because I go weak in the knees every time he tells me I’m beautiful.

17. Because he let me choose what color to paint his our walls. And, he didn’t bat an eye when I chose lime green.

16. Because of the countless awkward conversations he endured at church when we started dating. Especially the, “if you hurt our Jenilee, I’ll kill you,” one from a lady half his size.

15. Because he hates roller coasters.

14. Because we pray together…a lot. And I love listening to him pray; there’s so much sincerity in his voice.

13. Because when we pray together we always hold hands.

12. Because we have uniquely experienced not one, but TWO first kisses.

11. Because the one time I tried to push him away he showed up on my doorstep 10 minutes later.

10. Because he has bewitched every female in my family.  Lily asks for him now. Kasey sits next to him instead of me at dinner, and has already asked to spend the night at his house. Mom finally found someone patient enough to teach her all the ways of technology. Audrey asked him for cooking lessons. And for every step of her first five kilometer race he ran right next to my sister encouraging her along.

9. Because he took my broken heart and with expert care and attention, stitched it back together again.

8. Did I mention he is SO handsome?!

7. Because he drove through multiple states in hurricane weather to see me for a few hours in college.

6. Because he was the one who inspired me to purchase an iPhone…and my life will never be the same.

5. Because he can actually get my dad to talk about things other than church.

4. Because he’s never too busy to have lunch with me.

3. Because he’s all “tatted-up” but he’s still a softie to me

2. Because he is so talented behind a camera and I believe in all that he has already and will continue to accomplish. Because he always is the first to read what I write and he believes in me. 

1. Because he is all mine. And…I’m his. 

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