Today is Valentine’s Day; a day that will no doubt begin with a groan from those whose Facebook status still reads single.

And yet…

220,000 men will drop to one knee with that life-changing question

180 million valentine cards will be exchanged

196 million roses will be purchased

And, if that hasn’t convinced you that love is in the air-

11,000 children will be conceived today!

Valentine’s Day is a reason to celebrate. Because, five months into my new marriage, I’m still in love with Jeff Mullikin.

So, I give you, 14 more reasons why I love him on this famous 14th day of February:

14. Because when I am sick, he insists on coming with me to the doctor.

13. Because he somehow always knows where to find my phone when it’s lost.

12. Because I love the way my 2 year-old niece adores him and affectionately calls him, “Deff”

11. Because he still tells me I’m beautiful.

10. Because he SPOILS our dog. 

9. Because he actually rode a roller coaster for me at Silver Dollar City this winter.

8. Because he always talks to me with kindness. He never raises his voice at me.


6. Because I love working with him.

5. Because he won’t watch a Chief’s game without his jersey on – even if he’s all alone.

4. Because he still opens my doors (unless it’s freezing and I’ve already ran straight for the car!)

3. Because he shoveled the snow off the sidewalk last night before my friends came over without even telling me. 

2. Because he named his flag football team, “Tebow Time”

1. Because he now introduces me as “his wife”!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Jeff! I love you!

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