ready to pop!

My mom asked me to throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Audrey, and I was definitely up to the task! I spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest brainstorming, which brought out a crafty side in myself that I NEVER knew I had! (Definitely helps that my husband went to art school!) Here’s a quick look:

I decided on a Noah’s Ark theme for the baby shower. I had trouble locating a great book on the classic biblical story, but finally found a pop-up book at Barnes & Noble.

I found the wooden Noah’s Ark at Hobby Lobby and painted it with acrylic paint. I spray painted the clothes pins and thankfully, the animals were already pre-painted. I hung the animals on twine with the pins and spread them across the bar headed into the ark!

The blue, bubble bath punch was a huge hit! I got the recipe here and added a few rubber duckies to make it appear like a baby’s bath. Not only was it cute, but also very tasty!

Audrey has Lily’s name spelled out in letters on her pink wall, so I thought I would go ahead and make those same letters for Justin’s room. I purchased the wooden letters from Hobby Lobby, spray painted them navy blue, stenciled on the baby blue polka dots and added the ribbed with a hot glue gun.

It’s not a party without Gigi’s cupcakes! These were there mini cupcakes in the wedding cake flavor, but they added blue sprinkles for the baby boy shower theme.

To go along with the Noah’s Ark theme, my friend, Shelley, made these beautiful animal sugar cookies! Shelley does incredible work (including my wedding cake in Florida) and I saw most of the women leaving with an extra cookie to take home to their men!

My husband, Jeff, designed these cards for me! The responses were very humorous, but the majority of mom’s reminded Audrey that the house can wait and to have fun with the new baby because they grow SO fast!

Audrey is due to give birth to a baby boy, Justin Jay, in March and we are all very excited!

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