Savannah Jo – ONE MONTH

SJ 1MO_3

Savannah Jo is now one month old and we can’t believe it! She LOVES: being held, EATING, seeing her reflection in the mirror, and laying on Dad’s chest watching the Royals play on TV! She HATES: going to bed at night! She has a love/hate relationship with the swaddle, so the verdict is still out on that  one.

SJ attended her very first Royals game at Kauffman for Game 7 of the World Series on October 29th. She slept the entire time inside the Moby wrap! She also gave us one gloriously amazing night of 8 hours of sleep. (Let’s all pray it happens again…). She has met her puppies (Bristol, an English Bulldog and Harley, a Lab) and I keep catching Bristol trying to kiss her when I’m not watching! She also went to church for the first time, hiding in Aunt D’s arms!

I typically have to nurse her every morning at 4am. Those times are tough. But, my favorite thing to do while she’s nursing is to pray for her. I pray for God to keep her healthy, give her a sweet heart that loves others. I also pray that one day she will decide to give Jesus Christ her heart. I pray for her future spouse. Those prayers make those grueling early hours of nursing so special…Happy One Month little SJ!

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