Savannah Jo – Eight Months Old!

Savannah Jo:

How are you already 8 months old?! They say, “the days are long, but the years are short,” and I couldn’t agree more. I keep telling your dad that we’re going to blink and you will be a teenager. This month was an absolute whirlwind! You decided that you wanted to start crawling and that was the end of keeping you “contained”. The world has suddenly become so BIG, and you can’t wait to go experience (and eat) all of it.

Dad’s team made it to Nationals, so we spent quite a few nights without him this month. We missed him a lot! But, time stood still for one perfect day when we took you to the Zoo. Dad and I love hanging out with you and helping you experience new things. There’s nothing better than watching discovery  in your eyes. We dedicated you to the Lord in a special ceremony at Journey Church International. While Pastor Christian prayed for you, you kept lifting up his jacket and looking inside. You are a little stinker!

Wedding season arrived and I spent a whopping 11 hours away from you shooting a video! It was the longest you and I have spent apart since you were born. But, we did survive!

This month, you have started grunting during meal times and looking with desire at MY plate! I had just mastered making your baby purees from scratch and now you only want to feed yourself real food! What happened to my little baby?! You have a strong will and a strong spirit and I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use you.

In the meantime, I fall in love with you more everyday!

Your “Firsts” this month:
Pulling Up
First Word – “woof”
Playing peekaboo
visiting the Zoo

SJ Dedication_1Dedicated baby girl to the Lord this month at JCI! 
FullSizeRender Live for these special moments…
IMG_5399Showing off her new bling from Gram and Gramps!

M DAY_2loving this warmer weather

M DAY_1Blue eyed girl!
IMG_5443 Missing Daddy while the Pioneers are at Nationals!
IMG_5457Family Day! (which of course includes Chipotle)

Best buds!KC Zoo_2Finally made it to the zoo!KC Zoo_17Mind blown!KC Zoo_24i had the best day with you today…
KC Zoo_31bwMaking friends in strange placesKC Zoo_33“Well hello there!”
FullSizeRender_1Pit stop in the Arctic
FullSizeRender_2Looking thrilled!FullSizeRenderFinally spotted Nakita! Let out a little laugh and my heart melted…IMG_5503Having fun!FullSizeRender_3Of course, who needs the Zoo when you live next to the Browns!FullSizeRenderSnuggles before leaving to shoot an all day wedding!
IMG_5544Date night! 🙂IMG_5555Watching the sun rise! Literally, ahah
IMG_5582Love our Face Time with Papa!IMG_5593“Mama, where you be?!”IMG_5748Full of joy!IMG_5715Shooting scenes for the next season of Prison break…FullSizeRenderShe promised she’d wear this hat for me for Mother’s day 🙂IMG_5759Staying up late at Aunt D’s!FullSizeRender_1Girl time with Aunt D and Kasey!IMG_5769Spotted: Doggy!IMG_5772A llll mmmm ooo sss ttt there…IMG_5781And we’ve officially started stealing food off Mom’s plate! YipeeIMG_5808Studying with Dad.FullSizeRenderBaby Fat. The. best.ever.IMG_5844These two sent Mom out for a “treat yo self day”!
IMG_5869Little angel!IMG_5901My best friends!IMG_5927“Hey there mama!”FullSizeRenderFun after church!IMG_5962Hanging out with the coolest cuz in town!IMG_5970“Mom and Dad, not in public please!”IMG_5973Savannah Jo is excited to host her first Memorial Day party!IMG_5974Waiting for our guests to arrive!IMG_5992Enjoying the sunshine with Gram!FullSizeRender_1Woke up and the party was over!FullSizeRender_2“where’d everybody go?!”
FullSizeRenderFamily selfie!IMG_5978More silliness with Papa!FullSizeRenderNeighborhood watchIMG_6014As you can see, she is oh so helpful with homework.IMG_6018Another clepto moment. At least she has good taste in food!IMG_6021these moments. the best.IMG_6054Striking poses with Mommy…IMG_6063You’d never know that thirty minutes ago, we both had zucchini in our hair and wedged in the crevices of the highchair. You’d never know she had a death grip on two spoons and would scream if I tried to take them. You wouldn’t know that I teared up because she wants to feed herself now and she’s just so independent for an 8 month old. You’ve never know because every night before bed, she looks simply angelic and whatever we endured during the day is already a fleeting memory…

IMG_6076Trying out a new photo prop!IMG_6082Chef MullikinDSCF5736 DSCF5735
DSCF5719 DSCF5702 DSCF5697 DSCF5653 DSCF5656 DSCF5681
DSCF5688 DSCF5628

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