Savannah Jo – ELEVEN MONTHS!

Savannah Jo:

Every time  I look at you and watch you play, my heart swells with pride. And yet, I know my love for you is a mere shadow of the way God adore us. The Bible teaches that He formed us in his image, that He delights in us. Savannah, I’ve been mere feet away from the “king of the jungle” in Africa, watching them prowl through the wild grass. I’ve stood in the wilderness of southern India watching the sun set in all its majesty. I’ve been in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight, overcome by the vastness of it all. But, nothing, compares to how amazing you are – God’s creation. Watching you learn and soak up every sight, sound, and texture around you is nothing short of amazing. Every day, you are discovering new things, forming new sounds from your mouth and mimicking what Dad and I do. You are growing SO fast. Man is by far God’s greatest creation, unmatched in the Universe. Watching you causes me to praise Him. You are a testimony to your Creator.

Your first birthday is fast approaching and every time I think about, I get emotional. You’re not going to be a baby forever. Tonight, we tried on dresses from your closet for your birthday party. One day we will go together to try on dresses for your wedding day. I’ll try not to be too opinionated, because I’m sure you’ll have different tastes than me, because…well you’re my daughter 🙂

I love you. More than you’ll ever know.


This moving stuff ain’t no joke! IMG_7750

First bath in our new house!IMG_7797



Playing with the cousins!IMG_7839

Photo shoots with Justin and Lily!FullSizeRender_1

Gone to the beach for the weekend! Lovin Florida livin.FullSizeRender_2

watchin the sun rise…FullSizeRender

Little fish


Fam Bam (minus Bristol)IMG_8411

Playtime at the condo!IMG_8397

MAMA and baby!


Visiting Dean/Coach Mullikin at work!IMG_8461

Happy girl!


Finally, someone let her behind the wheel…IMG_8492

Say my name, say my name!IMG_7888



This never ever gets old. IMG_7939

Best buds.


Rebel Baby


Out to eat for Dada’s bday!FullSizeRender_1

getting ready to go shop til we drop!FullSizeRender



Coach Mully on the field!IMG_7851

The joys of trying to get a photo….IMG_7859

Too much fun with Dada.FullSizeRender

Learning to walk means lots of new bumps and bruises.IMG_8182

Sunshine state!


Hair is finally long enough to put a bow in.IMG_8226

Time for some cabinet locks…IMG_8228

The view on our morning walks!IMG_7962

Swing time!




And now we go to the beach on the weekends!IMG_8013 IMG_8021 IMG_8027 IMG_8039 IMG_8044 IMG_8048 IMG_8053 IMG_8044 IMG_8048 IMG_8053

Overcome with excitement!IMG_8064 IMG_8066

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