Savannah Jo – NINE months old!

Savannah Jo:

Now, I blink and you are one month older. How is it possible?

We flew you to Jacksonville, Florida where Dad had an interview to be the Pitching Coach at Trinity Baptist College. Gram and Gramps took care of you while we met with several of the school faculty. We toured houses and even got a little bit of pool time.

The next week we drove all the way to Michigan (over 12 hours!) so you could meet Oma and Opa! You are their 24th GREAT grand baby. They fell in love with you instantly. When we walked in, Opa scooped you up and immediately started singing, “Iya Oocha”, the lullaby he has sang to all of us through the years. Oma was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has already had two surgeries. Oh, but she is a fighter, Savannah Jo! She has so much vinegar in her! You remind me of her. Even at 9 months, I can tell you have that same spirit and strong will. What a mighty group of strong women you come from. One day, I will tell you each of their stories.

On our road trip, Trinity called Dad and offered him a job as the Dean of Men for the school and the Pitching Coach for their baseball team. We have continually prayed that God would close the doors he didn’t want us to walk through, while leaving the right one open. The Bible says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” This verse implies that you should keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking until God reveals his will. Remember this.

So, we are headed to FLORIDA! We spent the rest of the month tying up loose ends and preparing our house to go on the market. You spent TWO over nights away from me at Gram and Gramps! (And somehow I survived!). We listed our house on the market and by the end of the day had two offers. I’ve never been so happy and sad at the same time. I will always remember this house, because we brought YOU home here. Last night, Dad and I laughed about all the memories we have of you here. What a treasure.

Life is about to change in a big way Savannah. But, we know that whatever changes we go through on this earth, Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”. Our little family is about to make a whole lot of new memories. It will be scary and exciting all at the same time! I love you baby girl!

Your Firsts this month:
Road trip
Feeding yourself!
Visiting Jacksonville, Savannah, Chicago and Hudsonville


Keeping baby girl occupied on the airplane to Jacksonville!


As long as the puffs kept flowing, life was great!


Not a bad view for breakfast in Jacksonville!


Fun with Gram and Gramps!


Hotel – new place to INVESTIGATE!


“Daddy, doesn’t everyone wake up at 5:30am?!”


Sending Dada off to his big interview!


Savannah’s IN Savannah!!!


Took baby girl to our FAVORITE sandwich shop!


Mom and Dad at Dad’s old stomping grounds (Grayson Stadium)


Oh no big deal, Mom’s just finally trusting me with a sippy cup!IMG_6217

Vacationing is hard work!IMG_6245

Family Selfie!


Teaching Savannah Jo the art of mascara applicationIMG_6438

Pool time!


Angel face 🙂


Girls just wanna have fun!IMG_6272

Cousins are in town for playtime!IMG_6287

Mom and Dad on a date…


while SJ plays with Miss Sabrina!


Keeping the fire alive!IMG_6298

How Savannah Jo feels about the shopping at the hardware store (I agree)IMG_6303

Always so helpful with Mama’s homeworkIMG_6312

I can feed myself now!IMG_6342

Helping Dad at The Mullikin Studio!


I love Food!


Mesmerized by the VBS kids at church!IMG_6384

Hanging with KaseyIMG_6429

Bling Bling!


Finally met Olivia Grace


Daddy’s lil girl


Road trip to Michigan to go meet Oma and Opa!


First stop, Chipotle (duh!)


Who knew Iowa boasts the largest truck stop in the world!


Carpe Diem!


Stopping for some fun in Chi town! (Mom kept calling this “The Eye” and Dad was too nice to tell her that would be in London!)FullSizeRender_2



Girls 🙂


“Higher Dada!”


We made it!


So much fun meeting all her second counsinsIMG_6596

“Iya Oocha”


Loving on Oma




Oma and Opa with their 24th Great grand baby!FullSizeRender

Mana and Baby Jo!


Pretty sure all 17 grandkids and 24 great grand babies have played with this hockey game at Oma’s!IMG_6623

Celebrated Daddy on Father’s day


With O’s only brother, Uncle Joe!IMG_6796

Opa showing her how the cuckoo clock worksIMG_6812

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go!IMG_6825

12 hours of being in the car and we’re still happy (WHAT?!)!


Happy to wake up at home!IMG_6850

Spaghetti Night – a favoriteIMG_6863

Pool time with cousins!IMG_6880

Kasey teaching her the waysIMG_6885

Meeting with Ziles Creative to make some website updates


First Overnight away from Mom at Gram and Gramps!IMG_6900

Cuteness overload


Happy girl


Love at first sight when Kevin came over


Happy to be back in Mama’s arms!

SJ 9MO_6 SJ 9MO_9 SJ 9MO_13 SJ 9MO_17 SJ 9MO_20 SJ 9MO_27

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