Savannah Jo – TWO months!

SJ 2month_1

Savannah Jo is TWO MONTHS old! It’s been so much fun watching her personality truly come alive over the past month. She loves to talk to us, cooing and singing in her own baby language. And the more idiotic I act when we’re “conversing” the happier she is! Just recently, we keep catching her trying to laugh.

She has officially been sleeping through the night, 8-10 hours, for the past week. HALLELUJAH! What a difference sleep makes in the life of a new mom and dad. We had one particularly rough week, when Savannah was getting gassy each night, but, now she is happy most of the time. Everyone seems to have a different nickname for her, but the favorites are: SJ, Baby Jo, and Savy Jo.

She LOVES: being held, Bath time, morning snuggles with Dad in bed, watching TV, sucking her knuckles, looking out the window, and riding in the car or stroller.

She hates: being hungry!

This month, I finally feel like I’m starting to get the hang of being a new Mom. I’ve stopped consulting the nurse hotline, google and every mom I know each time I have a question. Because, I’ve learned that every baby is different, every mom is different, and every situation is different. I’ve had to learn Savannah, and following her cues has taken so much stress and pressure away. And, I’ve realized that Jeff and I won’t always do everything right, but that’s part of our journey in parenthood. It’s helpful to remind myself that the Lord created Savannah and it is Him, not me, who is in control of her precious little life.

It’s been important to Jeff and I to still invest in our relationship, despite the demands of being new parents. We’ve been out on a few dates, and I’m always so excited to be “free” of my responsibilities for a few hours, however, about an hour into that “freedom”, I start feeling this incredible itch to have my sweet baby in my arms again. The desire I have to protect her is one of the strongest feelings I’ve ever experienced, only to be eclipsed by my love for her.

As of today, I am still nursing her, which makes me feel like a ROCK STAR! I wanted to give up multiple times, but  I keep telling myself, “I can do this one more week”, and we’re still going! I never realized how difficult breast feeding could be.

What we experienced this month: going out to eat multiple times, First Fridays in the West Bottoms, shopping at the mall, IKEA, Church, and hosting “O” (German for grandmother) at our house for a few days.

SJ 2month_2SJ 2month_4


First trip to IKEA with Aunt D!


Monthly Check-Up


Just heard a Shot is involved!


This our “gym” where we work out. Loooots of mental activity here.


Getting huge!


Celebrating cousin, Kasey’s birthday at P.F. Changs


Smothered by mom…always.

Dreaming of warmer weather...

Dreaming of warmer weather…


Checkin out November First Fridays

Family Selfie :)

Family Selfie 🙂

Driving lessons already

Driving lessons already

Serious Selfies

Serious Selfies

The ONLY way I can get anything done.

The ONLY way I can get anything done.




Melting my heart


Posturing for a manicure


Finally managed a swaddle


And we’ve discovered our fingers!


No shortage of Daddy snuggles here.


“I will break the legs of the boy who breaks your heart.”


Watchin football together


Mom gets snuggles too


Lovin the music and lights at church!


Baby Life = So tough


Baby blues


Fell asleep on her changing table


O came to visit!


Rub a dub dub


Happy because we slept NINE hours!


Date Night!


love this girl 🙂


Finally taking some naps in her crib


First story time with Dad 😉


Best buddies


So MUCH joy!

first trip to the mall

first trip to the mall

All that gym time is paying off!

All that gym time is paying off!


Living Room Photo Session!


Our little fam

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