Savannah Jo – FOUR MONTHS OLD!

SJ 4MO_6

Savannah JO,

You’re now FOUR months old! It’s amazing how much life can change in the span of four months. The other night, your dad and I were remarking on how we can’t even remember what life was like without you now. You’ve truly changed everything. Savannah, we may not have much of a night life anymore, we may be drowning in dirty diapers, and we may have said goodbye to “sleeping in” forevermore, but, the truth is – I wouldn’t have it any other way. You have made me the happiest woman in the world. I feel like being your Mom has completed me. Did I even know how to “love” someone before you? The love I feel for you is different than anything I’ve felt before. It’s fiercely protective. It’s all consuming. My heart feels like it has exploded. Your dad and I cheer with the most insane enthusiasm over your most minute developmental achievement. Everything you do excites us! We’re so proud of you.

In a a few weeks, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day, and you my little angel are Mommy’s Valentine. In the years to come, I will do my best to teach you what unconditional love is. I will tell you about your Creator. I will remind you that “we love, because He first loved  us”. And, because you will be raised in a house filled in love, because you will give love to others without hesitation, there will be times where your little heart will break. And, in those times I will hold you, like our Heavenly Father holds us. In fact, in a small way, I am beginning to understand how God loves us. The way a Father loves His child. What an indescribable love.

Know that I will forever love you. Forever and ever.

MomSJ 4MO_19

Weight: 14.4 Lbs

Height: 25 & 3/4 in

This month’s “firsts”:
Seeing the beach!
Being away from Daddy for two nights
Swimming in the pool
Cold & cough 😦
Grocery shopping with Mom
Rolling from back to belly
The nursery at church

IMG_2062Back on the airplane again!IMG_2065First view of the Beach (mind blown!) IMG_2072 IMG_2063IMG_2069Workin with Gramps!IMG_2085IMG_2088Face time with Dad while he’s at the baseball conference!IMG_2091ZzzzIMG_2103 Nap time at the CondoIMG_2108Watching the surfers! IMG_2111 Crossing the intracoastal…FullSizeRender

IMG_2118First time in the pool IMG_2153 She loved it!IMG_2165 Family selfie!IMG_2167Date time – paddleboardingIMG_2199 IMG_2208 Last night in FloridaIMG_2222 Out on the town in our pretty dresses!IMG_2226Kewpie hair!IMG_2236Harley and Savannah – best buds…FullSizeRender little toes… IMG_2270 Hanging out with cuz, Lil CIMG_2304 Loving her new toy!IMG_2332 Naked babe!IMG_2353 First time at the grocery store – checking out the candy bars 🙂IMG_2361 Sitting up in my chair!IMG_2364A love affair with Bristol IMG_2377 Right before mom tripped over the baby gate, causing a huge CRASH and I screamed for thirty minutes!IMG_2379 Love face timing with O!IMG_2380And Papa! IMG_2395 First time in the nursery at churchIMG_2398 Chillin with HarleyIMG_2421 60 in January calls for an afternoon walk!IMG_2432At least she got something of mine 😉 IMG_2435Milk Drunk…FullSizeRender Girls day with Aunt D!IMG_2496We love shopping!IMG_2454So blessed to be this little girl’s mommy IMG_2574Laying on the floor taking selfies – right before I dropped my phone on her face (Idiot mom move) IMG_2576sticking my tongue out at Dad in the Chipotle line!  IMG_2589Our four-month check up with the Doc! FullSizeRenderAlways love to snuggle with Mom after getting those awful shots!FullSizeRender  Mama finally got back to work at the studio this month.FullSizeRender_1Showing her the photos I took that morning. Not impressed… IMG_2659Playing dress up! FullSizeRender_1So glad I have a girl 🙂IMG_9613My angel!FullSizeRender love those chubby cheeksIMG_2663Hanging with HarleyIMG_2513And just in case you thought we were always happy 🙂

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