Savannah Jo – FIVE MONTHS OLD!

SJ 5MO_8

Dear Savannah Jo:

There are two things that people always comment about you. First, they say, “Oh, what a pretty baby”! And, it’s true. Of course I’m a bit biased, but little Savannah, you are so adorable. You have creamy, milky white skin with rosy cheeks, a smile that lights up the room, adorable dimples in big, round cheeks and your EYES! Your eyes are breathtakingly gorgeous. It’s funny – while I was pregnant, I prayed for many things for you. I prayed for you to be healthy, to be kind and to have a heart for the Lord. But, I never prayed for you to be beautiful. And yet, I’m convinced God blessed me with the cutest baby of all! 

The other thing people always comment is, “What a happy baby!”. You LOVE meeting new people and it doesn’t matter if it’s your cousins or a stranger at the grocery store – if he or she talk to you, you give him or her a HUGE smile! Now, don’t get me wrong – when you’re hungry or bored, or tired, you definitely let me know! But, you absolutely adore going out and seeing new faces. My little social butterfly…

Daddy’s baseball season has started, which means we don’t see him as much. You usually catch him in the morning before he leaves and sometimes at night before bed. His team also travels quite a bit, which means long weekends with me! But, I hope that all this time together means maybe you’ll say “Mama” first? (Wink, wink!) We love Sundays, because we get to spend the entire day with Dad!

The weather is finally warming up, which means we are back to going on walks in your stroller. The other day, I started jogging for a little big (you know – just to test out the “jogging” stroller) and you started cracking up. I guess it was pretty funny watching Mom run, huh? We’ll be jogging a lot more this Spring, trying to get rid of this 10 lbs of pregnancy weight that just won’t seem to disappear. You were worth it though! 🙂

I love you Savannah. It’s crazy to think that a month from you, you will be half a year old! And, we’ll be gearing up for the Royal’s Season to begin! 

Your Mom.

Weight: 16.6 lbs

This month’s “firsts”:
Eating solids
Valentine’s Day
Meeting Great Grandpa
Riding the carousel
Sitting up all by herself!
Mommy and Baby play dates

IMG_2722Just watchin SportsCenter with Daddy and my puppy!IMG_2765Woke up to snow!IMG_2789And we have a thumb sucker…IMG_2808First taste of solids!IMG_2807Already trying to feed herself! IMG_2841 Lovin Chipotle, because Mom loves ChipotleIMG_2852 Went to watch Dad at baseball practice!IMG_2863 Best buddiesIMG_2864These two have mommy’s heart!IMG_2898First time watchin Disney (Mom’s gotta get dinner on the table somehow!) IMG_2915Awaiting my yummy cereal! IMG_2931 Lovin on my puppyIMG_2938And pulling on my puppy! FullSizeRender_1 Valentine PrincessFullSizeRender_2 too much cuteness! FullSizeRender Flowers from Daddy!IMG_3004Missing Daddy while he travels for Baseball! FullSizeRender_1 Bath time = best time!IMG_3103 Happy that Dad is back!FullSizeRender_2 This girl just never seems to smile!FullSizeRender Mom on the way to shoot some photography sessions!IMG_3038 Hanging out with the older kids! FullSizeRender_1 Meeting Great Grandpa for the first time!FullSizeRenderAnd, she already stole his heart!FullSizeRender_1 Can’t stay awake during our girls lunchFullSizeRender_2 Never too many pictures of this angel!FullSizeRenderNighttime stories IMG_3147This is what Dads are for!IMG_3159Being watched by the Boswells includes a work-out session! IMG_3161Gramps stopped by to say goodnight! IMG_3166 The “sweet potato face”IMG_3185Hanging with Grams!FullSizeRender_1 A new toy!FullSizeRender BFFs foreverIMG_3207 Two peas in a pod!IMG_3242 Daddy made me this turbanIMG_3251Grams introducing me to the jewelry store! IMG_3353 Dad coaches the pitchers on the MNU Pioneers baseball team everyday while he’s away! IMG_3374 FullSizeRenderVery first time on the carousel with our cousins! IMG_3311Big Smiles! IMG_3344 After a long hard day of shopping! IMG_3347Preparing those gums for some teeth!IMG_3343This little girl loves her Daddy!IMG_3369Girl Time!IMG_3358 Found them holding hands!IMG_3392 Morning SnugglesIMG_3397 Jeff’s trying to indoctrinate her alreadyIMG_3403 Best friends for Life! IMG_3404Baseball Tourney got canceled! yipee! IMG_3405 Family timeIMG_3424#dogshame SJ 5MO_44 SJ 5MO_37 SJ 5MO_32 SJ 5MO_24 SJ 5MO_13

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