Savannah Jo – TEN months old!

Savannah Jo:

You turned 10 months on the very day we moved to Florida. You tried so hard to stay awake, but you passed out in my arms on the airplane. As Dad drove us home from the airport in the darkness, I watched out the window and realized we were finally in a place that is completely foreign to me. The unfamiliarity descended on me and I felt trepidation creep into my heart.

The Bible is “living and active” and therefore, it is no surprise that God brought a special verse to my mind at that moment. After all those years in the wilderness, before the Israelites set out to claim their Promised Land, Moses reminded them that. “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged”. I love that thought, Savannah. The Lord walks our entire lives BEFORE us. He fights our battles before we even get to the front lines.

I will remind you of this truth when you face life’s biggest moments, whether it’s your first day of kindergarten or before you walk down the aisle. God will go before you and see you through each moment in life. Whatever obstacles you will face pale in comparison to the power of the God you serve.

Here’s to a wonderful new adventure my baby girl. Lonely? At first. Unfamiliar? In the beginning. But, great blessing is right around the corner…

Your “Firsts” this month:
Using a walker
Walking with Mom and Dad’s support
First move


Family Selfie!


Beware of the Baby!


Mom and Dad date night at the K!IMG_7029

Fireworks Friday!


Fourth of July fun with cousin Kasey!


“Let’s blow some stuff up!”FullSizeRender_1

Pool time with Daddy!FullSizeRender

Kasey and Aunt Gigi!IMG_7056

With cousin ChristianIMG_7058

She wore Rudy’s headband all day!IMG_7089

The fam bam!


Discovering the world…IMG_7127

Dad and Mom cruisin in Gramp’s Sport car on date night!IMG_7146

Teppeeing Mom and Dad’s room!IMG_7153

Girls night for Mom – Dad’s in charge!


First bike ride!


Recycling šŸ™‚

IMG_7239Ā “Hey! Come get me out of here!”


Celebrating another coming one!IMG_7245

With the Mama to be!


Our last Sunday at JCI before the big move!IMG_7259

Ut oh – we can now reach the book shelf!IMG_7268

Happy Birthday Gram!IMG_7286

A peace offering for Mom after what felt like changing an octopus’ diaper…IMG_7289

The baby feeding babies at Deanna Rose!


My happy Baby!


Spotted! Reading alone in her room!IMG_7347

Baby blues šŸ˜‰


Listening to one of Grandpa’s Larry Lectures!




And, we’ve officially broken the Lion of out of the zoo…IMG_7412

Learning how to feed the doggies…


Mommy and Baby!


Dad’s proudest moment!Ā IMG_7441

First PB&J!


Two peas in a pod!


Mom and Dad working late editing photos while Baby sleeps!


Priorities: God, Family, Hair AppointmentsIMG_7502

Saying goodbye to Savannah’s first room before we packed it up. There were tears!IMG_7528

The moving truck has arrived.IMG_7529

Staying at Gram’s while we move…IMG_7533

Bath time with Grams!IMG_7538

Tossed in this beautiful babe for the Newsome’s Family photos šŸ™‚IMG_7540

Saying goodbye to our first house together and so many memories!Ā IMG_7564

Amazing how everyone loves babies until it’s time to choose a seat on the airplane…IMG_7580

May or may not have been petrified of Papa in the beginning…


“Peek-a-boo PAPA!”


Papa doesn’t stand a chance against those baby blues!FullSizeRender_1

Out to brunch!


En route to our new home in Florida, but stopping in Houston to see Papa and O first!IMG_7579

Three Generations šŸ™‚Ā IMG_7591

Tickle time!


Couldn’t even handle it…IMG_7588

Go papa!


Long naps makes for a happy baby and a happy mama!IMG_7628

And, this is why I love having a daughter!IMG_7634

Beach Babe šŸ™‚


“Papa, no more working – time to play!”IMG_7638

First trip to the ER šŸ˜¦IMG_7648

Calls for some sugarIMG_7656

Out for spaghetti!


Even when she’s sticky she has my whole heart!


Snuggles with OIMG_7678

Thanks to the staff at Memorial Hermon for taking such good care of my little girl (Only baby who smiles at everyone in the ER?)IMG_7688

Lovin on Papa


Finally reunited with Dada!IMG_7703

Fam is back together again! This calls for a selfie!

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