Savannah Jo – Six Months!

Savannah Jo:

You are growing SO fast! Everyday you are becoming more and more mobile! You are keeping your mom on her TOES! You love rolling around our living room and you are FAST! Sometimes, all I do is turn the corner and you are halfway across the room. You want to crawl so bad, but all you can manage right now is to get up on all fours or to push yourself backwards. However, I know it won’t be long until you will be crawling all over this place!

In the evenings when your Dad comes home, you light up like a Christmas tree! You love him so much! You also adore going for walks in your stroller, going to church, and basically anywhere you can see other people. Whatever your Mom has in her hands, you think belongs to you – a book, my phone, my chapstick. And you want it to go straight in your mouth! You also enjoy grabbing your Mom’s hair and pulling it. It’s a wonder I have any left at all! You are generally happy most of the time, and you are still sleeping like a champ. However, you get bored pretty easily and when you do you grumble and grunt until I give you something new to do!

My very favorite thing is when you grab my face and pull me towards your opened mouth. I know you are trying to “kiss” me, you just haven’t quite figured it out yet. I also love sneaking you out of your crib and holding you in the rocker, watching you sleep. You truly look angelic.

On Sunday, we will celebrate our very first Easter with you. I cannot wait to tell you about Jesus and how much He adores you. One day, you will understand what He accomplished on the Cross. I will tell you how on that early, quiet Easter morn when all hope seemed lost, the tomb was found empty! Jesus had conquered sin and death.

I love you. Mom.

Your “Firsts” this month:
going to an MNU baseball game
riding like a big girl in the stroller
riding like a big girl in the shopping cart
meeting slugger
sitting in a high chair

SJ 6MO_4 SJ 6MO_12 SJ 6MO_18

FullSizeRender_1 Time for bath!FullSizeRender Stopping to pose with MamaIMG_3453 Lovin on her PapaIMG_3454 Can’t get enoughIMG_3478 Bristol, what pretty fur you have…FullSizeRender_1 Swear her hair looks strawberry blonde sometimes.FullSizeRender We heard warmer weather is coming!IMG_3511 Cheering on the Pionners from homeIMG_3514 This is the day she spit up on e v e r y t h i n g,IMG_3523 As you can see, spitting up all the time is a lot of workFullSizeRender Chowing down after a photo session at the studioIMG_3536 And, she sleeps like a super hero.IMG_3544 Twinkies!IMG_3554 Dad says hats are way cooler than headbands!IMG_3601 Brought lunch to Dad at MNUIMG_3606 Showing off the coachs’ officeIMG_3614 That would be my husband running the bases with his baby #baseballforeverIMG_3634 Our first MNU Baseball game!IMG_3635 Such a dollIMG_3637Daddy lovin 🙂IMG_3681Not reading. Deciding which end is better for chewing #onedayIMG_3700Smiles like this fill our days!IMG_3714ChillinIMG_3717Ready for another MNU game!IMG_3719Ridin like a big kid!IMG_3740Muscle dress 🙂IMG_3744Me and her…IMG_3764StorytimeIMG_3785Can’t get over how goofy looking Bristol is!IMG_3761 What “work” looks like now. My words per minute have slowed tremendously, but she a pretty cute coworker, huh?IMG_3772 Huge milestone here! Finally caught those toes.IMG_3779 Bath princess!IMG_3830 Someone discovered selfies today.IMG_3893Amen!IMG_3900 First time in the high chair.IMG_3905 Always good to get out on the town with this handsome man. IMG_3909 Britol snugglesIMG_3916 Pretty Pretty Princess…IMG_3933Couch Potato FullSizeRender Showing off her new accessories!IMG_3979 Backwards crawling (Is that a thing?)IMG_3990 Trying out the swing and baby girl HATED itIMG_4028 17 lbs of pure heavenIMG_4034 Always trying to steal Mama’s drink!IMG_4036 So many toys, and yet these captivate her!IMG_4042 My Angel!IMG_4056First time riding in the car like a big girl. What’s up!FullSizeRender_1 Poor, poor Sophie…FullSizeRender And, she definitely looks like her Daddy! FullSizeRender_2 Just trying on some of our favorite dresses! IMG_4139 Loves watching TV with Daddy in bed!IMG_4142 Royals Day at church!IMG_4151 We even got to meet Slugger!IMG_4178 Cousins 🙂 She loves hanging with the big kids!IMG_4187 Training my future babysitter. Diaper changing 101!IMG_4219 So much more fun than playing with dolls when I was little! 🙂 IMG_4223 Woah, I have feet!IMG_4226 Watching Daddy coach with Gram and Gramps!IMG_4231 We made it through the entire game without freaking out! A miracle!IMG_4239 Making new friends…IMG_4240 “You will love me Elephant!”

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