On Display

It’s been over a year since Jeff and I said “I do” barefoot on the beach, but it still feels like just yesterday! This week I finally had the chance to gather my wedding momentos and put them together in a shadow box I purchased at TJ Max. Here’s the final product:

Wedd Box_3 Wedd Box_4I included:

-Our wedding invitation

-The dog collar Jeff used to propose

-Our wedding program

-My hair clip

-Jeff’s handwritten vows

-Jeff’s boutonniere

-My garter

-Flowers from the ring bearer pillow my best friend, Jessie, made

-Sand dollar and starfish hung on our tiki torches

-My favorite photos from the day

I love that these little tokens from my wedding day are on display instead of shoved in a box in my basement! They bring the memories from that day rushing back and reminds me yet again, how PERFECT everything was. I wish I could go back and relive it all over again…

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