28 reasons

In honor of the 28th birthday of the man I love…The 28 reasons why I love him:

  1. Because he doesn’t mind going at my pace on our runs
  2. Because he knows how to cook
  3. Because he taught me how to hit a baseball…to “the green part”
  4. Because he is the best listener I know
  5. Because he doesn’t mind taking me to see Taylor Swift every time she’s in town
  6. Because he watches the same SportsCenter over and over again
  7. Because he has NEVER yelled at me
  8. Because I love the smell of his soap
  9. Because he’s an incredible baseball coach
  10. Because he treats our dogs like they’re humans
  11. Because he nursed me back to health after two surgeries this year
  12. Because I don’t have to pretend to be tough around him
  13. Because he makes me feel like I can accomplish anything
  14. Because he takes his coffee black…like a man
  15. Because when he winks at me it still sends shivers down my spine
  16. Because he still tells me I’m beautiful
  17. Because I love listening to him pray
  18. Because he has more tennis shoes than anyone I know
  19. Because he is so encouraging
  20. Because I love seeing a wedding ring on his finger
  21. Because my grandpa adores talking baseball with him
  22. Because I finally got him to dance with me this year…in public
  23. Because he brings me a glass of water every night before bed
  24. Because he has red hair in his beard
  25. Because his nieces and nephews adore him
  26. Because he is SO kind
  27. Because he’s sexy
  28. Because he’s the most wonderful of menImage

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