27 reasons

Jeff, in honor of your 27th birthday, the 27 reasons why I adore you…

27. Because you wear half calf socks, like the cool kids.

26. Because without you I would still never know about Sperry shoes, Hudson jeans and Frye boots.

25. Because I still get embarrassed around you sometimes; you still give me butterflies!

24. Because no matter how many times (a lot) I lose my iPhone, you always help me look for it til it’s found.

23. Because I somehow convinced you to get a pedicure with me on our vacation! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

22. Because you are my best friend. Period.

21. Because I love photographing weddings with you.

20. Because at those weddings, sometime during the reception I’ll catch your eye, and you’ll wink at me. And my heart melts.

19. Because you’re a great baseball coach. It gives me such joy to watch you do something you’re so passionate about.

18. Because you coached with crutches for 6 weeks.

17. Because after a summer of being an assistant coach you were offered a head coaching position. I am so proud of you love.

16. Because you invited one of the boys from your baseball team to church. And now his whole family goes.

15. Because your guacamole recipe somehow made it on pinterest. You’re famous babe!

14. Because you are seriously so handsome.

13. Because you don’t mind waking up with the puppy to let me sleep in.

12. Because you still refuse to tell me whether you like me better as a blonde or a brunette.

11. Because you won’t let anyone beat you in Madden. Even if it’s our 10 year-old neighbor boy.

10. Because I can’t wait to meet our future kids.

9. Because you love and respect your family.

8. Because you love and respect my family.

7. Because you believe in me and all of my dreams.

6. Because I love telling people our story. It’s nothing short of a fairytale.

5. Because you taught me how to hit a softball. And you didn’t mind spending hours with me at the batting cage.

4. Because you are the most patient, kind, loving man I’ve ever known.

3. Because you take care of me. Always.

2. Because I love sleeping in your t-shirts.

1. Because your birthday is my new favorite holiday.

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