love at the gun range

While women around the world collected roses, chocolates and poems…

I played with a 1911 handgun and shiny new bullets.

Valentine’s Day. Mullikin style.

photo (21) photo (20) photo (19)

We love every holiday, but Valentine’s Day is quickly becoming one of our favorite traditions! Instead of roses, red dresses and candlelit dinners, we plan a special surprise activity. Last year, I took Jeff to the IBEX Climbing Gym.

Today, Jeff surprised me by taking me to the Centerfire shooting range. My ears have been ringing ever since, but it was so fun! I love experiencing new things with him.

I feel like God has knit my heart to Jeff’s heart. Is there anything greater than being married to your very best friend? Is there any greater trust that that of true love?

I love my husband more than words can express.  A few months ago, while trying to bake desserts, my hand slipped over a kitchen knife and I sliced the tendon in my small finger. I had a tendon repair surgery the next afternoon and my dominate hand was put in a splint for the following six weeks. No writing, no typing, no cooking, no folding clothes, no doing anything normal! If you know me, you know I am fiercely independent, and being slowed down by an injury was difficult and admittedly depressing. Jeff was so patient with me as I tried to prove that I could still take care of myself, when I obviously needed help.

Somehow I managed showering for the first time. My hair was wet and tangled, and try as I might, I couldn’t seem to brush the tangles out with my left hand. I think I even worked myself to tears. Jeff came over to me and took the brush from my hands. He gently brushed the tangles out of my hair. I will never forget that moment. What kind of husband does that?! For six weeks he cooked for me, he cut my food before dinner, he managed all of our work load for the business, he carried things and he drove me around. I told him I didn’t need him at my first physical therapy session, but he came anyway. When I nearly passed out mid-session, he was there to encourage me and hold my head up.

You say “in sickness and health”, but you never really picture what the “in sickness” part looks like. I imagine it’s difficult to continue selflessly loving someone when they are not at 100%. I married a wonderful man. A man that has proven over and over again how selfless he is. A man that has stuck by my side through so many challenges – physically and emotionally.

Jeff I love you; for loving Christ and loving me. Happy Valentine’s Day babe!

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