Daughter of the King – India, Day 2

Today, we had seven hours. Only seven hours to help each precious little girl realize how special she is in the sight of God. After today, we will leave and may never return again.

With that thought, I could barely wait to exit the bus at the Orphanage. When my foot hit the dusty ground, 8 year-old Maya slipped her hand in mine and I knew God had given me the responsibility to love her today.

The hands on the clock moved all too quickly today. As we sang, played, made crafts and read the story of Esther, we reminded the girls how beautiful and precious they are.

As the sun descended in the sky, our “crowning ceremony” began. Each girl was presented with a teddy bear, hair bow, necklace, bracelet and glittering tiara. As I crowned the girls, I looked into their eyes and said, “You are a daughter of the King.” I had to choke back tears as I realized the power of those words.

No matter their earthly circumstances, they are daughters of the Heavenly King of Kings. And, no one can ever take that away. They may sleep on a concrete floor now, but one day, they will step into eternity and their eyes will meet Jesus’ for the first time. They will be ushered into a heavenly palace that He has been creating for them.

Before we left, Maya and the other girls wanted a family photo to treasure, since they do not have families.

We hugged and said our goodbyes and boarded the bus with tears. The girls gathered at the sidewalk and waved goodbye until they disappeared from our rearview mirror.

Seven hours was all we had. Did our work make any eternal difference in their lives?

Two days later, we received this email from the head of the Orphanage.

 Greetings! I write to share and echo the feelings of the entire (name removed for protection) consequent to your 2-day ministry with our children. It was a visit with a difference. What I witnessed, felt and feel convinced about is that your thematic presentation was a brilliantly conceived piece, ideally adapted to ________ and to the sensitive mindset of our lovely children. I sensed His presence and the constant move of the Holy Spirit as the team and the volunteers drove home, precious seeds from God’s Word. Let me assure you the seeds definitely fell on good, receptive ground.

As the photo session came to an end, children sporting their Tiaras and their decorated teddy bears came to me and emphatically told me “Uncle I am Special/Uncle I am a Princess”. I endorsed it wholeheartedly. I knew that the seed had reached their heart.

The laminated photographs will ever remain a constant reminder and as time goes by, the Holy Spirit will call to memory and give them an identity as Princess’-Daughters of the King of Kings. I must add that the team worked with zeal and commitment. I was able to see the intense planning and careful choice of interesting crafts and materials to make each day meaningful…

The children will definitely treasure all that you have given them. Eternity will tell the complete story. The team was very insightful and I hope to connect with them in the near future. Thank you for taking time, and may Lord bless you and the team’s sacrificial involvement for the sake of the Kingdom.

In His Service.

What can you do in seven hours today? Who can you love?


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